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Gear Transmission Solutions is the leading company for consultancy in the power transmission industry.

Gear Transmission Solutions, or simply GTS, is a young company with historical background. Thanks to the network of contacts built by the founders and the team of KISSSoft Italy, and a set of advanced simulation software, the company aims to satisfy the growing demand of those players looking for specific competencies in the power transmission industry.
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GTS offers a set of simulation software and training services, tailored to your specific needs.
- We are specialized in the DESIGN and VERIFICATION of mechanical power transmissions; thanks to our state-of-the-art software, we are able to carry out complex ANALYSES respecting your constraints (e.g. dimensions and geometry, weight, power losses, necessity of standard modules) to obtain the required optimizations. - We are able to perform DYNAMIC SIMULATIONS of the system thanks to our Multibody software, to carry out in-depth analyses in the NVH field (noise, vibrations and harshness).
- We regularly carry out TRAINING SEMINARS dedicated to deepen knowledge in the mechanical power transmission industry, in person or live streaming. - We carry out days of “TRAINING ON THE JOB" delivered to specific customers (in loco) as well, aimed at solving specific projects, in addition to practical application to real cases (in person or live streaming).
Research & Development
Our engineers are constantly engaged in the study of the most current topics related to the world of mechanical power transmissions, and actively participate in the most prestigious INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEES (ISO, AGMA, VDI, UNI) and in the most important conferences (e.g. AGMA Full technical Meeting, VDI Conference); their technical articles are published in popular scientific journals (eg: "Organi di Trasmissione”, “InMotion").
Why choose us ?
Our competencies are at your disposal, making choices highly focused on the quality of the products distributed and the services offered to our customers.
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Our Strengths

- We have internationally renowned clients in various sectors, not only in Italy but also abroad - Our commitment is on CUSTOMER-first and Software-first strategies in order to achieve digital transformation, also in accordance with INDUSTRY 4.0 directives, by transforming your operations with data-driven and simulation-based DIGITAL TWIN software. - We are able to to meet increasingly stringent demands in performance, energy efficiency, NVH and MULTIBODY calculations.


Main Software Tools

Here below, our main solutions
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KISSSoft is the most widespread software for the design, calculation and verification of mechanical power transmissions. With a team of engineers always focused to the customer needs, KISSSoft offers the possibility of calculating with the most modern calculation standards (ISO, AGMA, DIN, VDI..) and with rich databases of materials (including plastic materials), lubricants, bearings and manufacturing tools, which can be modified by users if necessary.
RecurDyn Logo
RecurDyn is a high-quality Multibody Dynamics solution with a powerful solver for multiple contact analysis. Highly user-friendly, this tool allows to model complex systems with flexible bodies, bringing strong benefits to the user. Indeed, thanks to its recognized simulation performances and the possibility of customization of the software environment, RecurDyn gives you the chance to automate complicated technical tasks. Highly integrated with KISSSoft, RecurDyn main benefits are the reduced risk of expensive prototypes before understanding the feasibility of the system, and its reliability according to the calculation choices.

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